Ten Minutes of Self Care Getting to Know My New Friend Quicksilver Firmware (raw DVR)

     A weather worn traveler steps out of the mist clutching a deep green orb. Their eyes sag from lack of sleep. They smell of sour breast milk cheese and their clothes betray days worth of deferred showers. When they speak, their voice grinds with with the fading shadow of streptococcus colonized larynx.
     "I've been reconnecting some of those jittered and frayed freestyle synapse branches that have withered a bit since the end of season 3. Also experimenting with some things that I've wanted to try for a while but never committed the time to."
They gestere at the area around the both of you with the orb.
     "Like uhhhhhh... posts to this mostly dead blog thing. But also..."
They bear the green orb and caress its mottled surface.
With both hands they raise the orb and wait for you to take hold of it.
     "Mr. Rabble is owed gratitude. He brought it up (again) how much he digs on Quicksilver and the heads behind it." 
     A vision pierces your consciousness and you momentarily lose your ballance. Their voice sounds distant yet it envelopes everything that you imagine exists now, or ever.
     "This set of DVR is from the first flights of a fresh build with a default setting applied. No changes to PIDs or filters at all. I don't know if you can tell by watching but I'm really into it."
The vision fades and you're back in the presence of the traveler. They somehow changed into a Whooptopia 2023 t-shirt even though you know they couldn't possibly have aquired it through any rational means.
     "Not shown is the build I tried before this one that I couldn't really get to 100% (at least one bent motor shaft on that build though so def can't blame the firmware)."
You look at the orb again and realize it's a hass avocado. 
     "Is Quicksilver perfect? Not the point. It works well, it's simple, and it smells good."
The strange traveler looks you straight in the eye.
     "Try it."

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